Whenever flu season is over, every person may breathe a mutual sigh of relief. However, it does not mean that the germs simply fade away. Unluckily, regardless of the season, diseases and germs can still be spread.  


Here are several surprising areas within the office that contains a lot of germs: 

Waiting Area 

A waiting area is a place where a lot of various individuals coming from a lot of various places stay. Handymen or construction workers who’ve been in other areas may make a stop in this place before they continue with their work. Your clients might wait on the couches and chairs. Even your own workers may sit in this area while they wait for their co-workers to head out.  

It can be easy to overlook the buildup of germs and dirt on rugs, carpets, door frames, door handles, tables, and couches. Thus, you should ensure that close attention will be paid to the cleaning of the waiting area when you hire Pittsburgh commercial cleaning services 

Your Desk 

Have you ever considered all the contact you’ve got with the outside world before you reach your office? Your hands come into contact with a lot of germs, even by simply hitting the button to ride the elevator up or simply pushing open the front door.  

So, do you utilize sanitizer or wash your hands always before you touch your phone, mouse, or keyboard?  

Your purse or bag has most likely been placed in an area that’s not that clean. You have likely placed your purse or bag underneath the table in a restaurant when you went for lunch. When you walk into the office, the first thing you would do is to place your bag or purse in the desk, right? Do you even clean your desk? 

If you work in an open office setting, your workspace becomes an even dirtier area.  

The Breakroom 

Yes, you have read it right. It isn’t the bathroom or the restroom. The dirtiest area in your office is possibly the last thing you think it would be. This is particularly true since it is an area where you store your meals, relax, and eat. It is the breakroom 

If they aren’t cleaned out or wiped down on a regular basis, the tabletops, faucet handles, countertops, microwave, and fridge can all be filled with dirt. Sticky messes or old food particles are breeding grounds for bacteria. You are likely to be infected if your colleagues are not careful with their leftovers.  

Though you possibly are not cleaning your dishes if you are taking them home, the sponge may still be utilized to get rid of some of the food of your dish. However, is that sponge regularly switched out? Is it sanitized? Do you clean your hands after using the sponge? According to a study, sponges in the breakroom can contain around 10 million germs per square inch. That is why you should wash your hands properly after if you utilize that sponge for any reason.