If you love your car and the people using it and you would do anything to protect them from the extreme rays of the sun, then you should add car window tinting. Some cars may already come in tints. But for others that don’t, you should seriously consider installing one.

For the cars that already come with factory tint, then it usually means that the glass has been dyed to give it the darker shade that it needs. Car window tints are usually done only on the rear window and the top part of the front window. However, driver’s side and passenger’s side windows may have them too these days.

How to Install a Car Window Tint

Car window tints are considered as aftermarket upgrades. It is usually done by installing a film on the interiors of the car’s windows. You can have a car professional to install tints on your windows but there are also do-it-yourself kits available these days. However, if this is the first time that you’re doing such a thing, be forewarned. The results that you achieve can be a bit messy because their air bubbles to think about. Also, you have to be very careful or the entire placement of the film may be crooked.

When installing window tinting on your car, you should also be aware of certain technicalities like the VLT or Visible Light Transference. This pertains to the amount of light that the window tint lets in. Window tints with the lowest VLT percentage are the darkest.

Legality Issues to Consider

While you may think that car window tints are necessary accessories, there are certain traffic laws and regulations that you have to comply with before you can install them. Every state sets different parameters when it comes to the VLT percentage allowed. To be sure, contact your local government office to know what the VLT percentage is allowed in your state. Generally speaking, a VLT percentage of 74% to 85% is acceptable.

A police officer may hail you down to check the VLT percentage of your vehicle so never think that you can get away with a darker shade. They will require you to produce documentation showing the VLT percentage of the film you installed or they may verify it themselves.

Why Install Car Window Tints

There are a lot of reasons why you should install car window tints and it’s more than just keeping the sun’s rays from getting inside your car. A lot of people add car tints to improve the level of privacy they enjoy while inside the car. Window tints also add a layer of protection in cases of accidents. The film will keep shards of glass from flying about.

Regardless of you reason for installing car tints, it’s important that you find experts in window tinting Perth has ever produced to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefit from this aftermarket upgrade and that you’re fully complying with the local laws. Keep in mind that it always pays to work with the experts.